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The Swedish and Norwegian canals

Along the Swedish and Norwegian canals you will find beautiful natural panoramas, adventures and the joy of discovering unique cultural and historical environments. The canals provide you with safe navigation, activities and modern services for both children and adults. No canal is like any other. Boat trailing around the great lake systems provides a wide variety of boat tours and numerous opportunities to enjoy the many exciting canals making up the "water land" in the middle of Scandinavia.

Nine of Sweden's largest canals and two Norwegian canals make up the Association of Swedish and Norwegian Canals. The aim of the Association is to represent the interests of Scandinavian canals in the European Community, to emphasize the values of preservation, to promote the canals as part of our culture heritage and to safeguard the interests of tourism.


The Association consists of the Bergslag canal, the Dalsland canal, the Göta canal, the Hjälmare canal, the Kinda canal, the Strömsholm canal, the Södertälje canal, the Trollhätte canal, the Säffle canal and the Norwegian Halden canal and Telemark canal.

Each year, the canals receive millions of visitors from all over the world. The Association works to improve the preservation of the waterways and their surrounding environment and promote our cultural heritage and the values of tourism. It also aims to provide an understanding of the beginnings of industrialism and its development in Scandinavia.



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